Who We Are

When you have a unique management model, you get unique results. The success of LA’s BEST depends on the passion of our innovative and enthusiastic staff, the active participation of our board of directors, advisory board and BEST Friends board, and the generosity our many supporters.



For the first time in the organization’s history, the Governing Board of LA’s BEST fulfilled its duty to select a new President and CEO. They determined that the next leader needed certain attributes: a rich understanding and appreciation for the values and operations of LA’s BEST; a deep commitment to child development and youth advocacy; a national reputation for thought leadership in the Expanded Learning movement and a vision for the future of after school and non-profits.After screening dozens of highly qualified candidates, the Board has selected Eric Gurna.

Gurna served two years as Director of Staff Development at LA’s BEST, where he not only was immersed in the organization’s values, he also was the first to codify them. He has worked for Educators for Social Responsibility and as Education Coordinator for the Harlem Children’s Zone. As the founder, President and CEO of Development Without Limits, Gurna has earned a national reputation for designing and facilitating staff development, curricula and other resources for community organizations and schools.

Please Speak Freely

While at Development without Limits, Gurna created Please Speak Freely, a podcast where he interviews leading thinkers, artists and others to shed light on key issues and explore different perspectives about youth development and education. To listen to Please Speak Freely, please click here.