Where would YOU go?


Let's all #GetOnTheBusLA!

Share your field trip dreams with us on social media!

Dodger Stadium? The beach? Six Flags? These are all places LA's BEST kids would love to visit. Now we want to know where YOU would go!

Create your own LA's BEST field trip bus and take us there...

Step 1:

Click here to download the flyer from our website and then print out the LA's BEST field trip bus.

Step 2:

Follow the flyer's directions to build your own bus and talk bubble.

Step 3:

Take a picture of your bus and share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Be sure to tell us "where your dream field trip would be" and include the tag #GetOnTheBusLA!
While you're thinking about your dream field trip, why not donate $10 to send an LA's BEST kid on a real field trip? Our goal is to reach $82,875 by 12/31/14 to ensure a field trip for every one of our schools, serving 29,000 kids.