The 24th Annual Dance & Drill Team Showcase

They came. They danced. They rocked!

LA's BEST recently held the 24th Annual Dance & Drill Team Showcase!

More than 3,600 LA’s BEST students from 193 elementary schools gathered in the gymnasium on the campus of Cal State L.A. on May 9th and May 16th to showcase drill team and dance performances, which had been polished through hundreds of hours of hard work and dedication.  

The Annual Dance & Drill Team Showcase always proves to be a popular event at LA’s BEST and this year was no exception. The showcase is an exciting time for the students to put all of their hard work to the test at this friendly competition. Small, medium and large size dance and military teams performed throughout the day in front of a standing-room-only, capacity crowd full of family, friends and supporters.  

The Dance and Drill club teaches today’s dance team captains the skills to become tomorrow’s dancers, educators, and community leaders.

A very special thank you to Cal State L.A. for their support year after year and for making this event possible.

Congratulations to this year’s top teams:  


Medium Dance

1st – Grape; 2nd – Bassett; 3rd – Murchison; 4th – Sylvan Park; 5th – Figueroa

Small Hip Hop

1st – Hillcrest; 2nd – Baldwin Hills; 3rd – Lassen; 4th – La Salle; 5th – Flournoy

Small Dance

1st – Kittridge; 2nd – 116th Street; 3rd – King Jr; 4th – Fletcher

Large Military

1st – Wilshire Park; 2nd – Euclid; 3rd – Los Angeles; 4th – Gratts Learning Academy

Medium Hip Hop

1st – 42nd Street; 2nd – Fenton Charter; 3rd – Rio Vista

Small Pom

1st – Lawson Academy; 2nd – Saticoy; 3rd – Loreto

Weekend 2

Medium Dance

1st – Griffin, 2nd – Rosemont, 3rd – Aurora, 4th – Grant, 5th – Accelerated Charter

Large Hip Hop

1st – Mosk, 2nd – Menlo, 3rd (tied) – Rosa Parks, 3rd (tied) – Vine, 4th – Utah, 5th – Fernangeles

Large Dance

1st – Dyer,   2nd – Harding 3rd – Vinedale 4th – Clifford

Large Pom

1st – Magnolia, 2nd – Castelar, 3rd – Sunrise, 4th – Broad

Small Military

1st – Ann, 2nd (tied) – Kingsley, 2nd (tied) – Hobart, 3rd – Bushnell Way

Prop Novelty

1st – Glen Alta, 2nd – Lizarraga, 3rd – Chavez

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