LA's BEST Launches #GetOnTheBusLA Campaign!

One of the distinctions of LA’s BEST is the experiences we make happen for our kids through field trips. For most of our children the destinations are to places that our students may not ever get to visit if it were not for the adventures we make happen. We have taken a quarter of a million children on trips throughout our history. 

Unfortunately, this year's transportation funding has been slashed, preventing us from continuing to take children on field trips. We know these experiences change their lives and broaden their awareness of possibilities.

That is why LA’s BEST is committing our end-of-the-year appeal to getting our children on a bus and out on an adventure. All contributions to our #GetOnTheBusLA Campaign will ensure that transportation is provided to getting kids moving.

We are grateful to announce that Mattel has kicked-off our campaign with a generous donation of $10,000. Partners like Mattel demonstrate that there is enormous value in introducing children to experiences outside their communities.

Please join with us and Mattel to ensure that LA’s BEST students continue to move and be exposed to all the cultural and iconic places our City has to offer.

So #GetOnTheBusLA and click here to donate NOW!