LA's BEST attends the National After School Summit

Last week, LA's BEST President & CEO Eric Gurna, along with staff from both the LA's BEST Corporate and Operations offices, attending the National After School Summit, hosted by The USC Schwarzenegger Insititute and Afterschool Alliance.

The room was filled with afterschool supportors from all fields, including Mayors from across the United States, tech executives, educators, business leaders, philanthropists, and Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. The day's conversations focused on why investing in after school programs is so critical to helping our students succeed in school and in life.

Notable participants included our very own Eric Gurna, author Tim Ferris, Evernote CEO Phil Libin, Executive Director of the Afterschool Alliance Jodi Grant, and many more.

Schwarzenegger, a longtime supporter of after school programs, even having founded one himself--Afterschool All-Stars--spoke passionately about the cause, demanding that congress they they "do not terminate after school programs!"

The Summit used Twitter to have supports call on congress for support. Particpants in the room and around the nation took to their tablets, computers, and smart phones to tweet the following:

To join the conversation and tweet for #afterschool, visit