DJ AmRo and Paul Oakenfold give DJ lessons!

For this year's very first First Friday, LA's BEST students at Manchester Elementary had some very special guests teach them the art of DJing.

BEST Friend board member Amani Roberts (DJ AmRo) joined forces with DJ sensation Paul Oakenfold to give 40 students an afternoon filled with music education and FUN. 

The two DJs, with the help of our BEST Friends and a enthusiastic group of Neutrogena volunteers, helped Manchester students explore different kinds of music and learn how those sounds can be molded together to create a one blended sound.

Students spent time listening to songs from a range of genres and then were asked how these sounds and rhythms made them feel. Participants were able to work with volunteers to dive deep into how the music affected their moods. 

Students then watched as DJ AmRo blend the songs together to make a unique track, taking different genres to make one harmonious blend. After the group lesson, some LA's BEST students were able to test out their scratching skills, having a hands-on experience of how it feels to be a DJ.

And what better way to end a First Friday about DJing than a good old fashioned dance party?!

Big shout-out to Amani Roberts and Mallory Maske for hosting this February First Friday and a thank you to Paul Oakenfold, the Neutrogena volunteers, and all of our Best Friends for making it such a special afternoon!

BEST Friends