Making AWESOME tacos with the AHA!

This year, LA's BEST began a new partnership with the American Heart Association (AHA).  The AHA has been working with our students to provide nutrition education and hands-on cooking classes at various LAB sites.

Chef Bryce Fluelle from the AHA recently completed the final Kids Cook with Heart (KCWH) class with our students at Lizarraga Elementary School. KCWH is a demonstration guide created by the American Heart Assocation. The guide includes kid-friendly recipes to spark young people’s interest in cooking and nutrition.

During the final class on Monday, Chef Bryce said the children had an "awesome BEST TACO contest" where each student prepared a taco and their peers judged them based on presentation and taste. Students were also given points based on how many vegetables they could included. Winners took home "Zing Anything" water infusers.

Chef Bryce said the LA's BEST students, volunteers, and staff were a pleasure to work with: "It takes a village and I want to say that EVERY LA's BEST staff member I've come in contact with where we've partnered has been AWESOME!" He continued to describe the staff and volunteers as "inviting, helpful, accessible, and courteous."

The staff and students surprised Chef Bryce with a t-shirt signed by the entire class.

Thank you to Chef Bryce and the American Heart Association for providing our students with such a fun and educational way to discover new healthy recipes!