84 Ways to Say Good Job!

Sometimes praise and encouragement sound like the same thing. Encouragement helps children to do their best. Parents need to be cheerleaders in their children’s lives, but they also need to be a reality check. Encouragement is meant both to acknowledge an accomplishment or an attempt to do something and to promote further development. Real encouragement helps children develop skills for self evaluation, and find the quality in their work.

Here is a simple recipe for encouragement. The ingredients are listed, and there’s no need to go to the market to prepare this. Serving instructions follow.

1. Alright!
2. Amazing effort!
3. Awesome!
4. Beautiful!
5. Bravo!
6. Clever!
7. Congratulations!
8. Cool!
9. Couldn’t have done it better myself!
10. Excellent!
11. Exceptional!
12. Extraordinary!
13. Fantastic!
14. Far out!
15. Fine!
16. First rate!
17. Gimme five!
18. Good for you!
19. Good job!
20. Good remembering!
21. Good thinking!
22. Good try!
23. Good work!
24. Great answer!
25. Great!
26. Hooray for you!
27. I knew you could do it!
28. I think you’ve got it now!
29. I’m proud of you!
30. Incredible!
31. Job well done!
32. Keep it up!
32. Keep up the good work!
33. Keep working on it. You’re getting better!
34. Marvelous!
35. Nice going!
36. Now you’ve got the hang of it!
37. Orale!
38. Outstanding!
39. Perfect!
40. Phenomenal!
41. Remarkable!
42. Right on!
43. Sensational!
44. Super job!
45. Superb!
46. Sweeeeet!
47. Terrific!
48. Thanks for helping!
49. That’s better!
50. That’s coming along nicely!
51. That’s it!
52. That’s quite an improvement!
53. That’s really nice!
54. That’s RIGHT!
55. That’s the best you’ve ever done!
56. That’s the way to do it!
57. Thumbs up!
58. Unbelievable work!
59. Way to go!
60. What a great idea!
61. Wonderful!
62. WOW!
63. You are very good at that!
64. You did that very well!
65. You figured that out!
66. You made it happen!
67. You made the difference!
68. You make me smile!
69. You outdid yourself!
70. You remembered!
71. You rock!
72. You should be proud!
73. You’re a good sport!
74. You’re a great example for others!
75. You’re a great kid! (person!)
76. You’re doing fine!
77. You’re doing much better today!
78. You’re learning a lot!
79. You’re on the right track!
80. You’re really improving!
81. You’re really working hard today!
82. You’ve been practicing!
83. You’ve just about got it!
84. Your help counts!

To make the most of this recipe, use these ingredients all the time, and be sure to sprinkle lovingly and liberally with that special verbal exclamation mark (!) …it’ll make a difference! There's enough here for you to serve to your family and friends and still have leftovers!

And one more thought…

“All kids need is a little help, a little hope, and somebody who believes in them.”        --Earvin “Magic” Johnson

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