Expanded Learning the LA's BEST Way

LA's BEST reflects on how its value-based program-delivery design positively affects youth development

November 21, 2011

From New Directions For Youth Development: Expanded Learning Time and Opportunities (Fall 2011)

Article by Carla Sanger and Paul E. Heckman

As federal and state policymakers and many education researchers and experts suggest, expanding the learning day for students makes sense. Given the demographic trends—women increasingly entering the workforce and low-income families working multiple jobs—children and youth need supervision and opportunities to learn in the hours between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. Although research acknowledges the need for and the benefits of learning opportunities during the afternoon hours, the debate within education circles remains as to what constitutes the appropriate use of that time. This chapter offers a reflection on how LA’s BEST built its values-based program-delivery model to support positive youth development.

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