NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft orbiting Saturn will photograph every living being on Earth this Friday; Science buff Morgan Freeman asks the world to pose for a group shot

July 19, 2013


Attention, Los Angeles! At exactly 2:27 pm on Friday … go outside … look up … and smile. For the first time in history, scientists are letting us know ahead of time exactly when and where we are being photographed from outer space.

As actor Morgan Freeman (“Through the Wormhole”) says accompanied by music from Stevie Wonder in a viral video being released July 18 to promote the event, “Something very special is about to happen. On July 19, you, me, planet Earth, and absolutely everything and everybody on it will have our picture taken from a billion miles away.”

saturn day earth smiled photo

Carolyn Porco, founder of The Day the Earth Smiled, is planning a series of events, connecting people around the world. You can learn how to get involved at Porco’s Diamond Sky Productions website:

LA’s BEST kicked off its “Summer Matters” campaign on June 21 with an event featuring NBA star Chris Paul and 60 students who designed their own educational games.  “Summer Matters” is a nationwide effort to combat “summer learning loss,” the phenomenon of kids forgetting their hard-learned lessons during a summer devoid of engagement.

Over 100 LA’s BEST students will smile for the camera at exactly 2:27 p.m. at Leo Politi Elementary School, 2481 W 11th St., Los Angeles, CA 90006. From 2:27 to 2:42 p.m., Cassini will be photographing Los Angeles.

“This event literally shines a light on scientific exploration,” said Stela Oliviera, Director of Education at LA’s BEST. “For 22 years, we’ve held a science fair that was custom-designed for us by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  All year long, we focus on finding engaging educational projects to keep the kids excited about learning. The Day the Earth Smiled is a fitting climax to an entire summer of entertaining, educational activity.”

LA's BEST - Better Educated Students for Tomorrow - is a nationally recognized after school education, enrichment and recreation program serving more than 28,000 children with the greatest needs and fewest resources throughout the City of Los Angeles. The organization is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Besides LA’s BEST, other supporters of the Day the Earth Smiled include Richard Branson and Virgin Group, Scientific American magazine, Astronomers Without Borders, Space Science Institute, Pop Tech, and Nova Space.  To learn more about LA’s BEST, please visit